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Topic Rooms Vfx » Conference room » Compositing news » INTERNET TRENDS 2017 –Mary Meeker May 31, 2017

INTERNET TRENDS 2017 –Mary Meeker May 31, 2017

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INTERNET TRENDS 2017 –Mary Meeker
May 31, 2017

Full report :

A lot of the future of search is
going to be about pictures
instead of keywords.

- Ben Silbermann, Pinterest Founder / CEO, 4/17
Influencers = Can Impact Followers

Ad Growth =Driven by Mobile

Ads / Content / Products / Transactions =
Lines Blurring. Fast.

Product Quality + Customer
Support + Transparency

Bars Rising =
Owing to Social Media

Social Media =
Can Provide Opportunity to Improve Customer Service

Unboxing YouTube Top 5 Channels =
33MM+ Subscribers, 5/17

When Things Are Measured =People Don’t Always Like What They See…Users Don’t Always Like Data Collected

Ad Growth = Driven by Mobile

Ads = Becoming Targeted Storefronts

Planning Workflows =
Manage Time + Resource Efficiency…

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment =
Ultimate Trial & Error Experience…

Netflix / YouTube =
Fixed-Access Video Traffic Share Leaders

Advertising Inefficiency =Increasingly Exposed by Data…Right ‘Ad’ @ Right Place / Time

The Cloud = Accelerating Change Across Enterprises
1) Cloud Adoption = Reaching New Heights +
Creating New Opportunities
2) Enterprise Software = Customer Expectations
Mirroring Those of Consumer Apps
3) Security = More Applications More Vulnerabilities
Cyber Threats Severity Rising = 10MM+ Identities Exposed in…
15 Breaches in 2016…vs. 11 in 2014
India Internet Users = +28% (2016-June) vs. 40% Y/Y Growth…
@ 27% Penetration…355MM Users…#2 Behind China
India Internet Usage =
Rising Owing to…
Cheaper / Faster Access
India Internet User Base @ +355MM is Large...
India Mobile Usage = A Global Leader vs. Desktop Usage…
~80% of Internet Usage on Mobiles…
Millennial focused / short-form content
such as ‘Hinglish’ standup comedy
Dramatic growth assisted by 4G
rollout of Jio…AIB Channel @ 100MM+ views
India = Lots of Young People…
64% of Population...72% of Internet Users <35 Years Old...
India Macro = Demographics = Bad & Good…Challenges = Job
Creation…Business Basics…Education…Logistics…Gender Disparity
USA = ~50% of Most Highly Valued Private Tech Companies Founded By…
1st Generation Immigrants...>48K Jobs, 5/17
21st Compute Power + Human Potential

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