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Topic Rooms Vfx » Conference room » Off the record » Reddit : Which department gets the most overtime?

Reddit : Which department gets the most overtime?

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Which department gets the most overtime? Which gets the least? (self.vfx)
submitted 5 days ago by imagine_that
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[–]TurtleOnCinderblockCompositor - 10 years experience 8 points 5 days ago
Depends on the company... most overtime is definitely supervision and production. For artists, I would say in general, lighters and compositors are the most regularly solicited for overtime, since they are the last in line, take on the accumulated delays, and are here for most shows regardless of the nature of the work.
Least overtime ? Departments upstream tend to have suffer slightly less from crazy overtime, but again it depends of the company / show.

[–]alendeus 3 points 4 days ago
Rule of thumb is the further you are down the pipe, the worst OT gets because all the issues from previous departments pile up on you. Production works with multiple departments and so also tends to stay late all the time, although they can be on stand by for much of said time (waiting for artists to finish tasks/waiting for meetings).

[–]munasefFX TD 2 points 4 days ago
Artist wise most definitely comp. Cords and Production staff also put in a lot of hours. Light and Fx are somewhere in between.

[–]hydrogenjoule 1 point 4 days ago
Editorial and coordinators do the most OT. They have to stay after the artists leave to deliver stuff.
Comp does the most of all the artists.
Model and texture usually does the least.

[–]skankhunt142 1 point 4 days ago
I certainly agree with comp wearing most of the OT, but broadly speaking across all departments, the juniors tend to do more OT and the seniors manage their workloads better, they know when to say no, are better at estimating time on tasks and generally stick closer to more regular hours.

[–]urbanreason 1 point 4 days ago
Like most people said here, usually the back end guys get slammed the hardest. But it really depends largely on how a particular studio divides up the responsibilities between departments. Also whether you're talking more VFX or Feature Animation.
Least overtime - a lot of studios this is rigging and modeling. However when either of of those departments are involved in shot work, they tend to get hit hard later in the show. ILM, Weta, for example, both modeling and rigging work on shots, and do a lot of OT starting at a certain point in the show but may be on 8 hours for the first half of it, 10-12 towards the end. Pixar, Sony - probably a bit different since those departments are far less involved in shot work.
In general, least OT to most OT is probably something like: rigging, modeling, textures/lookdev, animation, FX, CharFx, lighting/comp.
Some studios, rigging & charfx are intertwined (ilm, disney), others (pixar) rigging and modeling are one in the same.
But yeah, I think there's no doubt that across the board the lighting/comp folks get pretty nailed.

[–]GreenScreen20 2 points 3 days ago
Comp does significantly more OT than lighting overall in my experience. We always get slammed making up for other departments and lack of time.

[–]am_I_a_dick__ 1 point 4 days ago
Depends at which point in the pipeline your show is. Generally though the later in the pipeline you are the more ot you will do. Compositors will always get censored on.

[–]omentoCompositor / Pipeline - Student 1 point 5 days ago
I'm not in the industry yet, but I'd venture a guess that comp has the most, considering it's always getting its timeline crushed during production. At least that's what I hear Smile

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